Today, there are many around the world in need of Bibles for their personal study of God’s word, but with difficulties in accessing one. Through your involvement in any identified Rhapsody Bible campaign, together we will answer the urgent call for Bibles around the world and impact the lives of billions of people with God’s undiluted word.

The opportunities are enormous to make a difference with the Rhapsody Bible availability in over 75 international and indigenous languages both electronically and in print. We can reach men with God’s Word in the nations of the world!

Where You Come In:

We call on you to join other committed individuals who are already making a great impact through special Bible outreach distribution exercises in different locations around the world by;

1)      Adopting a Rhapsody Bible campaign.

2)      Fundraising for copies of the Rhapsody Bible to be distributed around the world.

3)      Joining forces with us to execute a Bible distribution in identified communities, towns, cities and nations of the world.

There’s no telling what impact you’ll make in the lives of others when you ’Run a Bible Campaign’ today. Together, we can reach out and bless many lives with the power of God’s Word contained in His life manual—the Bible.