Global Bible Missionaries Network

Embark on a Mission: Distribute the Bible to the Farthest Corners of the Earth

The Global Bible Missionaries Network is your opportunity to bring light to the unreached. Become a missionary or support a mission

our global MISSION

Experience the joy of delivering the greatest gift of all – the Holy Bible – to those who have never had the chance to read it. As part of our network, you're not just spreading words; you're igniting hope and changing lives forever.

How you come In


Reach Communities

Join hands with us to extend the reach of God's word, touching souls in every corner of the globe. Be the beacon of light that guides lost souls back to the embrace of faith.


Sponsor The Bible

Sponsor the distribution of Bibles, with your generosity, we can ensure that no one is left without access to the life-changing word of God.


Recruit Others

By recruiting others to our mission, you amplify our collective strength, enabling us to make an even greater impact. Together, let's build an unstoppable force

Our Global Impact


Pasot Stuart Oneil

Grace Church, Athens

“No better way to be involved in ministry than be part of this global work-force taking the undiluted word of Christ to the nations ”

Evangelist Elly Brett

Missionary from Columbia

“For over 10 years, I have wanted to be part of a global force taking the gospel to the nations. Thank God for this network, i’m doing just that!.”

Jenna Ballard

Church Leader, USA

“When I needed a team to work with in taking the gospel far, I found this elite team doing just amazing work with the Bible. Thank you Jesus!”

take the transformative power of the Word to new frontiers