In today’s world, where many families struggle in a culture hostile to Christian values, Parents are faced with disturbing trend of young people leaving home and even church and many of them are lost in the world of alcoholism, cultism and all sorts of vices, drifting off the Godly part their parents so desire for them to walk in.

Statistics shows that, there are over 1.8 Billion Teens and young adults globally,

“Teens Ignite With Teevo Bible” Campaign, we will reach and equip many of these Teenagers in Schools, Communities, Teevo Clubs, and other places of learning with free copies of the Teevo Bible for their personal study of God’s word. Knowing that, with the TEEVO BIBLE in their hands and God’s word in their hearts, they will imbibe the Godly principles, and take the right paths in life because the Teevo Bible will serve to them as a sure guide to navigate life rightly.  

Get Involved, Sponsor Teevo Bible to Teenagers in;

  • Schools
  • Communities
  • Teevo Clubs
  • Learning Centres