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Obtain Forgiveness And Move On

Forgiveness of sins is one of the blessings of the new creation. Before you were born again, what you needed was the remission (washing away) of sins, for you were totally separated from the life of God. Now that you are born again, you don’t need any more remission of sins, as you have the life of God in you now. If you make any mistake now, you have the right to obtain forgiveness of sins. Understand this: you are the one to take that forgiveness; God has already made provision for it. He’s not threatening to not forgive you.

You know, some folks just take themselves too seriously; they make a mistake and rather than obtain forgiveness, they keep asking themselves, “How could I do that?” Listen to me: it’s okay to be remorseful if you do something wrong, but when you continue grinding yourself over what you’ve done, what you are actually demonstrating is unbelief in the blood of Jesus! Tell your Heavenly Father that you’re sorry and move on. You don’t need to wallow in guilt or self-pity if you do something wrong; just come up bold, repent of it and obtain that forgiveness and keep running!

The Bible says, “If our conscience condemns us, we know that God is greater than our conscience…” (1 John 3:20) Hallelujah; God is the One who justified you and if He says you’re forgiven, then it doesn’t matter how you feel – you are forgiven! The next thing I want you to know is that you don’t need to say you’re sorry over and over on the same issue – He heard you the first time and He’s saying, “It’s okay! Keep running!”

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