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Over 4,000 Copies Distributed At The Higher Life Conference Benin City Nigeria

The anticipation was high as thousands gathered at the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds in the ancient city of Benin Nigeria for a life changing experience with the man of God, Pastor Chris. It was the Higher Life Conference, Benin City, a special 3-day meeting, divinely designed to usher God’s people to a new level of life and increase their understanding of God and the Christian life.

Thousands Received The Free Gift Of Salvation And Free Bibles!!!
The conference witnessed not only an unprecedented turnout, but also a torrent of blessings, healings, miracles and salvation.

Thousands of people gave their hearts to Christ, after which the life manual?the Bible?was given to them to aid their new walk of faith. Their joy knew no bounds as they received their own copies of the Rhapsody Bible; for many of them, it was a personal gift to them from God.

A memorable moment was when an elderly couple, who had just received their own copies of the Rhapsody Bible in Giant print, expressed their desire to bless others just as they had been blessed. ?We?re really grateful to all the sponsors of the Rhapsody Bible. We’re going to use these Bibles to win souls to the Kingdom of God and bring many closer to the Work of God, they said.

Many thanks to partners of the Rhapsody Bible, who through their unwavering partnership, ensured that the Bible got into the hands of new converts during the Higher Life Conference Benin City.

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