Every November, ?holds the LoveWorld Exhibition ? an excellent annual showpiece event which serves as a veritable platform for showcasing the innovative ideas, accomplishments, products and services from a cross-section of ministry departments as well as strategic business organizations affiliated with BLW Inc. The exhibition affords the ministry departments and affiliated conglomerates a unique opportunity to showcase and launch themselves afresh into the consciousness of our conference delegates and visitors. It?s also a medium for in-depth appreciation of global ministry achievements, and for taking advantage of numerous partnership opportunities.

The LoveWorld Exhibition is renowned for its excellent planning and organization, which has made it the cynosure of over 80,000 people who have attended in previous editions. For the forth year running, it also expects amongst it?s visitors some high-profile business and political stakeholders, including contingents of the academia and professional institutions, from over a hundred foreign nations and diverse fields of human endeavor.