The exhibition is an annual event that attracts over on site 30,000 participants. This year we plan to stream the live Exhibition sessions to over 2 million online delegates from various countries around the world namely, Nigeria, Uk, USA, Canada, France, Italy Netherland, Australia, UAE, Russia, India, South Korea, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and in all other countries where we have Christ Embassy Churches using the Loveworld Exhibition website and Mobile App.


Some international regions like Southern African Region, UK Region, Canada and the United States will be exhibiting to reflect the reach of the ministry to all continents. The regions will be selected and invited to exhibit by the CEO.
Group churches would be invited to visit the exhibition on a special invitation.


There are two major categories of Dignitaries that will be attending the LWE 2015:
A. Pastor?s invited Guests (PRESIDENTIAL GUESTS) who will usually attend the exhibition during the IPPC.

B. External Guests who will range from top government functionaries of both public and private organisations, institutions, parastatals, Associations, global institutions etc.