My Rhapsody Bible & I

What A Joy To Know God Early In Life!

Discovering God at an early age in life not only guarantees the future but also gives a life’s journey void of errors and mistakes.
Here’s Peju Olaoye, a young girl who requested a free copy of the Rhapsody Bible because she learnt the importance of seeking God early in life.

In Peju’s words………

My name is Peju Olaoye, I’m 12 years old. We go to church regularly in my house and my parents have always talked to us about Jesus. I wanted to know more about Jesus, and this made me to start reading many Christian books.

One day, my Mum came home with a copy of Rhapsody of Realities and as I read through it, I saw the email address of the Rhapsody Bible. I then used this address to send a request for a free copy of the Bible for myself and my friends. To my surprise, few days after, the Rhapsody Bible team called me and told me that they were on their way to deliver my copy of the Rhapsody Bible to me, and I got my first Bible that day. It was indeed a dream come true!

Thank you, Esteemed Rhapsody Bible Partners for helping Peju start out her life early with God’s Word. Your investment in the gospel is changing lives everywhere.

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