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You’ve Been Blessed, Period!

When you were born again you were born blessed. That’s why it’s wrong for a child of God to keep seeking to be blessed. You’ve already been blessed not with “some” but with “ALL” spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1:3 KJV). God has already blessed you! He’s not about to do it, neither is He planning to do it when you get to heaven; He’s already done it. Not only has He blessed you, He has also made you a blessing.

You have to be conscious of the blessing of God that’s upon your life. That you’re blessed means it’s impossible for you to be disadvantaged. No curse can work in your life anymore. Any curse that’s directed at you will be ineffective because the Bible says you were called to inherit a blessing, not a curse (1 Peter 3:9). That’s why it’s a complete waste of time for a child of God to pray to be delivered from any curse. There’s no enchantment or divination that can work against you (Numbers 23:23). God has already blessed you with every blessing that exists in Christ. Health, prosperity, victory, success, joy, peace and every blessing you can imagine are already in you. Live everyday with the consciousness that you’re blessed to be a blessing; you’re favoured and not disadvantaged; you’re rich and not poor.

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