My Rhapsody Bible & I

A Rhapsody Bible Recipient Lives A Meaningful Life

I am someone who loves God so much and loves to study the Bible, but I never had a good study Bible. One day, I saw a copy of the Rhapsody Devotional Study Bible with a friend; after I read through a few pages, I asked my friend how I could get mine. Then, he sent a request to Rhapsody Bible on my behalf for a free copy of the Bible.

A few days after, the Rhapsody Bible team visited Mr. Dauda Olushola at his place of work and gave him a copy of the Devotional Study Bible. He was so glad to finally have a Study Bible for himself. He promised to study the Bible more often.

In Mr. Dauda’s words, ‘I am now a member of Christ Embassy and my life has taken on a new meaning’.

Thank you esteemed partners for making his dream come true.
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