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Mr. Joseph Femi speak

Mr Joseph Femi speaks…

“I have always desired a good study Bible for myself and this strong desire took me to the internet to search if I could request a free copy of the Bible. During my search, I came in contact with the Rhapsody Bible website and there I saw that I could get a free copy of the Bible. Immediately, I placed a request for one. To my amazement, I got a call from a Rhapsody Bible Representative who assured me that my request was being treated and that my copy of the Bible would be delivered to me. A few days after, the Rhapsody Bible team visited me at my place of work and gave me a copy of the Bible.

Mr. Joseph Femi received his copy of Rhapsody Bible with so much joy and he immediately signed up as a partner with the Bible Bank.

Mr. Joseph further says, ‘I did not only receive a free copy of Rhapsody Bible, I am now a member of Christ Embassy. I am a partner with the Bible Bank and I have commenced foundation school classes’.

Dear Partner, your partnership with the Bible Bank further ensures many more are committed to the vision of our ministry.

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