My Rhapsody Bible & I

Emeka’s Story

My name is Nwachukwu Chukwuemeka, I’m a Doctor by profession. Since the day I received a copy of the Rhapsody Bible, I have grown to enjoy reading God’s word, to a point that I have read the Rhapsody Bible twice from Genesis to Revelation.

I’m now so addicted to my Rhapsody Bible that I carry it everywhere I go. I read it and get enriched and wherever I go, I always look out for an opportunity to share scriptures from the Rhapsody Bible with anyone I meet. I have used the Rhapsody Bible to preach and minister healing to many of my patients and in the process I’ve led many to Christ.

The Rhapsody Bible is such a close companion to me. I’m glad to be a partaker of this gift and I pledge to become a partner also.
Words are not enough to express my profound gratitude to Pastor Chris and Partners of Rhapsody Bible.

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