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Influence Your World For Jesus

God chose you, filled you with His Spirit and His Word so you can make a positive impact in your generation. He wants you to shine as light to your world (Matthew 5:14).

He wants you to sow yourself into somebody else’s life. In other words, He wants you to invest some of the things He has deposited in you into somebody else’s life. When you invest what God gave you into someone else’ life, you’re promoted in the realm of the spirit. However, you can’t give what you don’t have.

If you haven’t invested in yourself, you can’t invest anything in someone else. Therefore, you must release yourself to the Holy Spirit.

Allow Him to train and build you in the Word of God, until the character of your heavenly Father becomes evident in your life. Also, you must learn to pray with passion for lost souls, both in your understanding and in other tongues.

These are the things that will engender a greater influence of the Holy Spirit in your life, and His fire will burn so much in your heart that everyone that comes around you catches the fire and is influenced positively for Jesus. Hallelujah!

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