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Live From Inside-out And Not Outside-in!

The character of your spirit is the character of your life. This is the reason any change you want to see on the outside must be initiated from your spirit; you must work from inside out.

Some have a goal to improve themselves spiritually; they want to get organized, give more attention to diligent study of the Word and prayer. Some others want to make improvements in their career, education or lifestyle.

However, many get frustrated along the way. Because they’re unable to make any meaningful or lasting change. The reason is simple; they were trying to work from the “outside-in,” instead of working from “inside-out.”

Real success is from the human spirit. Until and unless your spirit is conditioned to go in the direction of God’s Word, true success will elude you. So, give attention to the cultivation of your spirit by learning and meditating on God’s Word.

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