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Thank God for giving us the Bible in our day! It’s a loaded package of divine power that transforms the lives of everyone that comes in contact with it. That’s why Rhapsody Bible partners are committed to distributing Bibles to people everywhere; they know that with just one Bible, they can make significant differences in a home, a neighbourhood, a city, and an entire country.

Where You Come In
You have a key role to play as an individual in ensuring that Bibles are available every month for distribution around the world. Your consistent monthly sponsorship of at least a copy of the Rhapsody Bible will guarantee the steady production and distribution of Bibles, which in turn will lead to increased impact around the world.

The Power Of Bible
Just one copy of the Rhapsody Bible prevented a family man from committing suicide. Anthony O. couldn’t provide for his family because he was unemployed and thought to take his life. At that same time, he discovered he could request for a free copy of the Rhapsody Bible online and he did. He studied it diligently and thoughts of suicide soon disappeared from his heart. Not long afterwards, he got a good job, and his family experienced a complete turnaround because of one Bible sponsored by a dear partner!

Sponsor At Least One Bible Today!
There’s no telling what impact you’ll make in the lives of others by sponsoring at least a Bible a month.

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