Mission Trips Report

Rhapsody Bible Missions To Texas: Furnishing Youths with God’s Word

Discovering God’s Word and living one’s life for Him early enough guarantees a future devoid of errors and mistakes. The Rhapsody Bible Missions made this possible in the lives of many young people in Texas, USA by putting free copies of the Rhapsody of Realities Devotional Study Bible in their hands. What a blessing this will bring about in their lives.

Thank you our esteemed partners for making this a reality.

James Ismael, one of the Bible recipients testified that studying the Bible will help him please God and walk in the right parts in life; not yielding to the rampant worldly influences in his environment.

The higher percentage of young people in Texas identify as ‘religiously unaffiliated’ – an increasing number which should compel us to reach out with God’s Word to as many more as possible.

You can participate in the next Rhapsody Bible Mission to Texas by sponsoring free copies of the Rhapsody Bible with a click here