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See What Brother Testimony Kahky is doing with the Rhapsody Bible…

Where we live, work and carry out our businesses is our immediate world to influence with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Bible is key as we Christianize this world. Winning people to Christ is the first step, then having a Bible; a copy of the Rhapsody Bible will aid the new convert’s effective walk with the Lord.

Brother Testimony, an ardent Rhapsody Bible Partner from the City of Warri in Nigeria, has been vitally involved in organizing Bible outreaches to several communities in his city, including Hotels, Government offices, Communities of ‘Ohanaeze Ndigbo’, ‘Oil Workers’, to mention but a few. These Bible outreaches have been so impactful, with many of the beneficiaries having their lives transformed by the Word.

This act of faith and dedication to ‘the Mandate of keeping the Bible in its place as the Number 1 Book in the World’ is praiseworthy. You too can do so much with the Rhapsody Bible in your sphere of influence.

Be a part of our global objective to send Bibles around the World.

To participate, Click; http://rhapsodybible.org/biblebank-partnership

Contact us for more information at;

United Kingdom: +44 1708 556 604
South Africa: +2783 538 3349
Nigeria: +234 817 198 7339.

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