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Your Partnership with the Bible Bank Changed Mr. Chinedu’s Life

Every platform we have to preach the gospel offers someone somewhere the opportunity to hear God’s word and to know God more through His word.

Mr. Chinedu Chibueze is a young man who desired to know more of God’s word. This made him to read several Christian materials to see if he could find answers but he never looked into the Holy Scriptures.
Read further as Mr. Chinedu shares…

My name is Chinedu Chibueze; I like reading Christian materials but never owned nor studied the Bible. One day, I discovered I could own a copy of the Rhapsody Bible free of charge. So, I joyfully sent in my request via mail on the Rhapsody Bible website. To my surprise, I got a call telling me that my request had been received and my free copy of the Bible would be delivered to me.

A few days after, the Rhapsody Bible team visited me and gave me my own copy of the Rhapsody of Realities Devotional Study Bible.

Studying the Rhapsody Bible has redefined Christianity to me, and my knowledge of God’s word has increased greatly. Glory!

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