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Bible Missions To Thailand

The gospel must be preached regardless of any obnoxious law, persecution, lockdowns, or lock-ups in any nation of the world. The RHAPSODY BIBLE MISSION TO THE NATION OF THAILAND took off despite stiff and prolonged lock-ups due to the COVID 19 Fiasco. We are reaching men and women with the message of Faith, Hope and Love against fear and unbelief in the nation of Thailand, as we deliver to many their personal copies of the Rhapsody Bible to study God’s Word with.

Thank you, Partners, for your sponsorship of Bible Missions to the Nation of Thailand.

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To reach many more Cities and Nations around the world with the Bible through the RHAPSODY BIBLE MISSIONS by adopting;

· A Family for Rhapsody Bible distribution

· A Community for Rhapsody Bible distribution

· A City for Rhapsody Bible distribution

· A Nation for Rhapsody Bible distribution

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