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Consult With The Spirit

The Holy Spirit can tell you what to do in every situation. The reason many are frustrated is that they never consult Him for help, guidance, or direction. They’d rather go to relatives or friends for help when they are in trouble. Sadly those they meet for help can only give them counsels based on human reasoning and sense knowledge; and that doesn’t always work!

Learn to consult with the Holy Spirit for answers.  Ask Him for guidance and direction concerning everything you do. When you face challenges that seem insurmountable, call on Him, and He’ll tell you what to do; He’ll give you the strategies to employ. The great men and women we read about in Scriptures understood this truth, which was why they never took a major step until they had consulted with the Lord.

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guid thee with mine eye ( Psalm 32:8).

Joshua had to rely on the Holy Spirit to tell him how to take over the Jerico, and the Captain of the Lord’s host gave Joshua a strategy no human thinking could have reasoned out ( Joshua 5). No human mind could have thought of bringing down those monstrous walls of Jerico just by blowing trumpets and having the people shout and praise God. But the Holy Ghost said so and it happened just that way. The Bible says, ” By faith the walls of Jerico fell down…”  (Hebrews 11:30).

Learn to trust the Holy Spirit; depend on Him at all times, for He’s with you, in you and for you! He’ll teach you, lead you and guide you into victory in everything you do, if you’d only ask Him.