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You’re On A Mission!

God has a plan for all mankind but not everyone knows about it, and that’s why David prayed to God to send us around the world to tell them. Has it dawned on you that that is your mission in this world? God wants you to fulfill this mission and accomplish His vision in the earth.

Many live without a sense of purpose. You’re on a mission in the earth, to do God’s work. So don’t live as though you’ve got a permanent residence in this world. The crude oil, diamonds, gold and minerals in the world have nothing to do with the reason God brought you into this world. He brought you here to establish His Kingdom through you; that’s your mission; to burn with the urgency and fervency of the heart to preach the Gospel. You have a job here on earth; it’s called soul winning. You don’t ask “Can I do it”? You do it, for that’s why you’re here. That’s why you’re growing in Christ; that’s why you’re learning the Word; it’s so you can become effective in life as a soul winner.

That thy way may be known upon the earth, thy saving health among all nations” (Psalm 67:2).

Nothing could be more honourable and worthy of eternal reward than a lifestyle that’s dedicated to soul winning. You’re responsible for those in your sphere of contact; they’re your field of operation! You’re to reach them and touch them with the news of God’s saving power, and unveil to them His eternal purpose for their lives. It’s God’s eternal purpose to save, heal and deliver all men into their inheritance in Christ. As His Children, we’re  His missionaries, commissioned to take this message of His saving power to the ends of the earth. This is not optional; it’s your compulsory Christian service.

Cheer up, for you’ve been empowered by the Spirit to fulfill your missionary assignment of taking the news of God’s saving power to the ends of the earth.