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Dickson Describes His Rhapsody Bible Encounter A Visit Of God

Ugochuckwu Dickson, upon receiving a free copy of the Bible from Rhapsody Bible team, described it as ‘God’s special visitation’ and an answer to his prayers. Dickson, a young Christian who has lived through difficult circumstances, loves reading Christian literature.

Often, when verses of the Bible were quoted, he desired to search the scriptures for himself but he had no Bible. His life took a new turn when he learnt he could get a free copy of the Rhapsody Bible upon request and he gladly did. Swiftly, the Rhapsody Bible team visited him in his home with a copy of the devotional study Bible.

He couldn’t hold back his joy as he expressed his love for God, His Word and the house of God. Dickson had this to say “… studying this Bible will go a long way to increase my knowledge of God’s Word and I’m certain that my life will not be the same again.” Glory to God!

This is one of several testimonies of Bible recipients. Thank you Partners for impacting lives and changing destinies with your partnership. Your monthly partnership with the Bible Bank increases our reach with free copies of the Rhapsody Bible, thereby making God’s Word increasingly accessible to many around the World. This noble investment yields eternal returns for the depositors as the Bibles influence and transform lives around the globe.

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