Every Hotel Room A Bible

A Muslim Receives The Rhapsody Bible Into His Hotel!

The placing of the Rhapsody Bible in the lovely rooms of a hotel located on the mainland of Lagos Nigeria further demonstrates our resolve to keep the Bible in its place as the No.1 Book in the World.

On a warm afternoon, the Rhapsody Bible Staff in a demonstration of an active participation in the ongoing ‘Every Hotel Room A Bible’ Initiative visited the Hotel with free copies of the Rhapsody Bible. Before proceeding to each of the rooms in this hotel, an official presentation of the copies of the Rhapsody Bible was made to the General Manager of the hotel.

Upon receiving copies of the Rhapsody Bible, the General Manager of this hotel; says “I am a Muslim, I believe in Jesus Christ and the power the Bible possesses. I haven’t had a copy of the Bible but getting one today will definitely be of help to me. The Bible can transform and convert anyone and I trust that as our guests come in contact with copies of this Bible in any of the rooms, they will read it and know more of God and possibly; those who aren’t saved will get converted.” Just as recipient testified, we trust that the copies of the Rhapsody Bible in every room in Bays Suites will have an eternal impact on any guest who comes in contact with it and yield a harvest of souls into God’s Kingdom.

Thank you, our esteemed Partners for your continued partnership with the Rhapsody Bible.
Your involvement in the ‘Every Hotel Room a Bible’ Initiative is a major step in keeping the Bible in its place as the No. 1 Book in the World.

Join Us in placing the Rhapsody Bible in more hotel rooms around the world. Every copy you sponsor is an opportunity to touch a life.

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