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Embrace God’s Counsel!

God never promised to be with you.

He said, “I am with you.” His Name is “I AM that I AM!” not “I was” or “I will be” but “I AM.” Our heavenly Father is a ‘now’ Father! And He’s with you now and forever to bless you, help you and cause His glory to be seen in your life. When the Father revealed Himself to Moses at the backside of the desert He introduced Himself as the “I Am That I Am!” He’s not the “I was” or ‘I shall be”, but the ‘Great I Am!’ He lives in the now of your life; not in the past or in the sweet by and by.

Many Christians don’t enjoy the blessings of the Father in the ‘now’ because they see God as their “help in ages past and hope for years to come.” They only recognize the past ages and the years to come and do not take today into cognizance, yet they live in between the two. Jesus said, “…lo, I am with you always;” check out the tenses! He didn’t say, “Lo, I will be with you” neither did He say, “Lo, I shall be with you” rather, He said, “I am with you always!”

When He tells you to do something, it may sound stupid, but it’s miracle-producing counsel and that’s what makes it wonderful. That’s why it’s a miracle when that counsel brings forth outstanding results. Take advantage of Him today. Receive His counsel and let it produce a miracle for you!

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