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‘Rhapsody Bible Missions’ Impacts Churches and Hotels in Mozambique!

The extensive war in The Republic of Mozambique has taken a toll on its citizens, making it difficult for many to enjoy the basic things of life. Due to high poverty levels, not many can access Bibles. Sadly, church Pastors have also had difficulties accessing Bibles. In some churches, only the Pastor has a Bible, while in others, even the church Overseer doesn’t have a decent Bible.

Though, a significant population of people in the central and Northern provinces speak Shona, yet, they can’t easily access Bibles in the Shona Language. They have to cross the border into Zimbabwe to get them. And most cannot even afford the high costs involved in importing these Bibles.

Glory to God! The story is being re-written by Rhapsody Bible Partners, who sponsored Bible Missions to Mozambique; graciously equipping 20 church denominations and several hotels with copies of the Shona Rhapsody Bible. Hallelujah!!!

Adopt a nation today for Bible Missions! And you will be seeding the WORD to places where many don’t have access to the Bible.

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