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Set Your Mind Only On Spiritual Things.

Christianity is not something you do, rather it’s what you are. For example, your gender isn’t something you qualify for, it’s what you are. A true Christian is a man that has discovered his true reason for living. Such a man doesn’t care where he is because he knows he could find himself anywhere and at any day, just like Phillip who was transported by the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:39).

He had abandoned himself to God and so God was free to take him anywhere. So when you’re a Christian you know that where you are is temporary because you can be anywhere and at any time. You have become a man or a woman who is ready to give God praise because you’re convinced that you don’t go anywhere by accident.

To be a Christian is more than attending church services on Sundays or being a member of a local church. When you say you’re a Christian, understand that you’re not identifying with a religion, because Christianity is not a religion! Rather, you’re declaring the lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ over your life.

Understand that you’re first a Christian before you’re anything else! That means your service to the Lord and full time commitment to His cause must be your utmost priority.

You can’t continue to run your life with the same old pursuits and mindsets you had before you were saved.

Your Christianity should take preeminence over every other thing in your life. Jesus has become your Lord and that means ‘the Boss of your life.’ He alone has the final say concerning everything that has to do with your life.

It’s for this reason that you need to take time to find out what He wants: His purpose, plans and desires for your life. Your pursuits, desires, goals and targets in life must align with His heartbeat and vision to reach the entire world with the Gospel.
That’s what you must live for. That’s what it means to be a Christian.

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