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Your Life Is In Your Mouth

Your mouth is not for talking and eating only!

The Bible shows us that your mouth is what charts your course in life. You need to know that your future is in your mouth. Your prosperity, your health, your success, victory, progress and promotion in life are in your mouth. That’s the positive.

In the same way, on the negative, the sickness, failure, poverty, disease, lack, frustrations and fear that people experience in their lives are the result of what they say with their mouth.

Nothing happens in your life except that which you’ve voiced with your mouth. So whether or not you’re going to have a glorious, prosperous, victorious and successful future is dependent on what you say.

The Bible says “death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Everything that’s going to happen to you in your future is going to be based on what you say with your mouth today.

Use your mouth and make the right confession to put your life on the right course. Therefore, the principle of confession is this: if you would learn to speak with your mouth the same things God has written concerning you in His Word, salvation, which ultimately refers to the good life, becomes yours.

One of the most profound truths revealed to us in God’s Word as evident in the teachings of Jesus is that we can have what we say. As a Christian, your words are not empty; what you say comes to pass. You can talk to anything, including your body.

You can talk to negative situations such as sickness and disease, and they’ll surely obey you. Someone may say, “I have a growth in my stomach and it’s hurting so bad. The doctor says it is cancer.” Stop talking about the growth; talk to it instead. Tell it to die and pass out from your body and it will obey you.

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