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The Trials & Triumphs Of The Holy Bible PART 2 & 3


Antiochus Epiphanes was a Syrian king who ruled the Seleucid Dynasty between 175-164 BC. In an attempt to unite and toughen his Greek empire, Antiochus made a firm decision to sideline and ban Jewish religious traditions by the introduction of Hellenism. The peak of Antiochus decrees was the abolishment of the holy scrolls. Many Jews resisted and tried to conceal the Holy Scriptures; those who were caught were publicly disgraced, slaughtered, burnt, and stoned to death; some were even fed to wild lions.

He also ordered & enforced the worship of the Greek god, Zeus. It was said that two women who were seen circumcising their babies (according to Jewish customs) were publicly disgraced and thrown down from the top of the city walls.


Diocletian was a prominent Roman Emperor who was popular for his insensitive decrees against Christians, these decrees were so cruel that the Christians at that time termed it as the great persecution. The great persecution was the last and most severe hounding of Christians in the Roman Empire. In 303 C.E., Diocletian promulgated a royal edict which required that Bibles should be burnt and Christian gatherings are destroyed. The sacred Word of God was put into flames and meeting places of Christians were demolished. During this period, many Christians would rather be punished and tormented than let go of the Holy Scriptures.