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The Trials & Triumphs Of The Holy Bible

An endless myriad of questions has been asked about how the bible has been able to stand the test of time despite numerous ferocious attempts to suppress it. Many ancient books have been written and published but unlike the bible, they have either feebly or forcefully gone into extinction. The Holy Bible is today one of the oldest books in existence. Known to be the most widely translated, distributed and celebrated book ever; it is also the most antagonized book as it has and still facing the fiercest oppositions ever known to man, from individuals to religious extremists and even government institutions.

The Bible is an assemblage of God-inspired writings that date as far back as the days of Moses till the days Jesus Christ walked on the face of the earth(2 Tim 3:16). This classic all-time best seller has withstood brutal assaults since its early days. Why The devil knows that God’s Word is the only solution to all humankind challenges and him, therefore, tries every possible mean to repress it.
One of the first attempts to stop God’s word was in the days of Prophet Jeremiah in the Bible.1475222

In Jeremiah 36: 1-32 the bible gives an account of a man called Jehoiakim. Jehoiakim was the King of Judah and son of King Josiah (the youngest king that ever lived). Jehoiakim sinned against God by leading his people into idolatry, God was unhappy about the situation so he inspired & ordered prophet Jeremiah to write on a scroll, the appalling deeds of Jehoiakim and the inhabitants of Judah. Jeremiah obeyed God and told his assistant Baruch to read the writings aloud in the temple to the hearing of the people and princes. The news got to Jehoiakim and he was furious, he commanded that the scroll be brought before him and then he destroyed it. After this, God ordered Jeremiah to write the same message on another scroll. Several years later, destruction came upon Judah as prophesied by Jeremiah. Today, those words still stand, but the Jehoiakim and the men who tried to suppress it are histories.

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