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Who Dares Stand Against You

In your life, you must learn never to give thoughts and undue consideration to the devil, his little demons and the activities of wicked and unreasonable men that seek to bring you down. You see, they don’t count at all!

Understand something about who you are and your life as a new creation; you’re the fulfillment of Scripture. Your daily life is the fulfillment of that which has already been written concerning you. That’s the understanding with which the Psalmist came to this conclusion in Psalm 27:1-2. He declared,

“the Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?’ In other words, He’s my deliverer; He’s powerful enough to take care of me therefore who dares to stand against me?

He’s actually asking, “Where is the devil now?” “Who’s so powerful to declare himself my enemy? Come out against me and God will be against you!” Hallelujah!

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