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Win With The Name Of Jesus

JESUS- that’s the Name above every name, It has power and authority in the three worlds-heaven, earth, and under the earth. This is our benefit. It means we can demand anything that’s consistent with Lord’s will in these three worlds and have it done. Remember that the keys of hell death are with Jesus (Revelations 1:8), so we have nothing more to fear. We’re heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17).

Everything that belongs to Jesus now belongs to and me. It’s up to us to use His name to reject anything that’s not of God and posses that’s ours through Christ. If you have a chest pain, don’t start thinking of the drugs to use; you can use the Name of Jesus against it. Place your hand on your chest and say, In the Name of Jesus, chest pain, go!” Then begin to breathe normally. Are you anxious about your business, family or finances? Refuse to be anxious; instead, use the Name to unlock any and every door you desire. Don’t cry or beg or cower; use the name!

Don’t let fear be your motivation for using the Name; be motivated by the Word! Remember, you’re God’s property, born again, filled with the Holy Spirit! I can hear the Holy Spirit saying, “ I’m waiting for opportunities to demonstrate my glory. If my children will only proclaim my Name and proclaim my Word, I will demonstrate my glory.” You can live a joyful life twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three- and-hundred-sixty five days a year, and three-hundred-and-sixty-six days in a leap year.

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