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You Can Win Each Day With Wisdom

Wisdom, I have often said, is a force. It makes you do the things you should do and say the things you should say; it causes you to function beyond your human reasoning.

When wisdom is working in you, you will take steps without having to think about it first, because you are “wisdom-controlled.” When wisdom functions in you this way, it causes you to make accurate choices; if it is not functioning in you, you will be prone to making blunders and errors in your life. Let me illustrate what it means to be wisdom-controlled with a simple story. When Job was in great distress, everybody who came to see him reminded him of his suffering. His wife advised him to curse God and die, but Job, standing his ground said, “…the counsel of the wicked is far from me” (Job 21:16). Job was able to stand his ground because he refused the wrong counsel and embraced wisdom.

Success can be defined as the ability to minimize errors. The virtue that imparts this ability is prudence. Prudence is practical wisdom that is applicable every day and every time. With it, you make wise choices and wise decisions. It ensures that you make fewer mistakes in your life by guiding you to make the right choices. With this virtue, you’ll never be financially bankrupt. You’ll always get things right the first time you do them. A prudent person is someone who is marked by sound judgment. If God endows you with prudence, others will take notice that you have such a virtue.

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