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Your Prosperity Isn’t Negotiable

The poor cannot help the poor; only the rich can. It’s better to be rich than to be poor. Therefore, refuse to be poor; you’re a child of a rich God and He wants you to put the right principles in place that will help you become powerful, influential and strong.

If you would take in and talk God’s Word to yourself every day, it would wipe from your thinking everything you ever heard that could make you poor. And that’s what happens to you as you study and confess God’s Word every day.

It is only through prosperity that God’s kingdom can expand, and this is why prosperity is not optional for any child of God that wants to make a great impact for the kingdom of God. One truth that you have to get into your consciousness is that God depends on people to get His work done.

He can’t just reach out of heaven and save all the souls in the world; it’s going to take men and women to fund the preaching of the gospel around the world. If God’s people are poor and broke, they can’t possibly lift up the world’s poor. God has blessed you and has made you a blessing to your world (Genesis 12:2).

Whatever you do, do it well and it will bless and help someone. Your effort must be beneficial to your world, the people and your environment.

Your inheritance in Christ is enough to last you all your life; if you were to sleep for the rest of your days, you’ll still have inexhaustible resources. The reason you shouldn’t just sleep all your days is because you wouldn’t be acting like your Heavenly Father, Who lives a life of giving.

You should be out of bed, ready to do something good for your world today. If you don’t have a job, get one or make one! Work with dignity because you’re a blessing to your world!

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