Every Hotel Room A Bible

A Birthday Dedicated To Rhapsody Bible Outreaches

One’s birthday celebration takes on a new meaning when it’s dedicated to impacting lives and bringing more souls into the Kingdom. Henceforth, every guest received into each room in Bon Hotel, Ekpan, Warri City, Nigeria will experience God’s Word as they come in contact with the copies of the Rhapsody Bible placed in every room in commemoration of the birthday of a valued partner; Abraham O. Thank you for your involvement in keeping the Bible in its place as the number one book in the world.

Your next birthday celebration could make so much difference in God’s kingdom, if dedicated to spreading copies of the Rhapsody Bible to a community of choice.

Join us in placing the Rhapsody Bible in more hotel rooms around the world. Every copy you sponsor is an opportunity to touch a life.

Make it happen, sponsor at least a Bible outreach today, click; https://rhapsodybible.org/1millionbibleoutreaches/

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