Every Hotel Room A Bible


The Rhapsody Bible “Every Hotel Room A Bible” campaign is an evangelical initiative targeted at reaching people in transit, with God’s Word. A copy of the Rhapsody Bible placed in a hotel room has the propensity to bless several guests from various walks of life. Thus, with just one Bible, a fire can be kindled that will spread into different nations, cities and communities.

No one’s heart can be adequately prepared to serve God without the agency of God’s Word. The Bible contains the required information for our preparation to meet the Lord; everyone deserves at a least a copy of the Rhapsody Bible.

Partners of the Rhapsody Bible, took the ongoing campaign, “Project Bible Mission to 1 Million Communities” to Mambillah Hotel, placing copies of the Rhapsody Bible in every guest room. A lodger, inspired by the Bible Outreach to the Hotel, re-devoted herself more to God. Hallelujah!

Thank you, our esteemed Partners for making this possible through your valued and consistent partnership commitment to the advancement of the Bible Mandate.

Join us to reach many more Hotels with the news of God’s saving power by adopting and sponsoring copies of the Rhapsody Bible to hotels in your community.

To sponsor Bible Missions to a Community, click; https://rhapsodybible.org/biblemissions/

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