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Be Christ-Like

As Christians, we have the Spirit of Christ. It’s so important for us to be conscious of that reality.

The word ‘Christian’ means Christ-like; in other words, we’re like Christ. We’re to live, love, talk and conduct all our affairs in life like Him.

Your Christianity must not be restricted to the Church building. You’ve been called to make a difference; God has placed you as an example and a shining light in this world, never forget that.

When you open your mouth to speak, people should experience the love of God through your words. Your words should minister grace to the hearers always, for you have the Spirit of Christ.

By being conscious of your identity, you get to know the kind of association you should keep. It has an influence on your character. You must be careful in choosing friends, even in the house of God. Are you surprised to hear that? Well, the fact remains that there are ungodly Christians and many unwittingly make friends with them in church.

Those you run with or move with in church matter because they can either take you up or pull you down. Any relationship that brings you closer to God is good for you. Through such an association, you pray more, you learn the Word of God more and you do the things of God more.

So in order to really dwell in this nature you have to stay connected to your source (God) because He alone is able to keep you and perfect you in Godliness. Not staying in the Word is to starve your spirit of the material it needs to survive, grow and function normally.

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