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Bahia’s story…

A copy of the Bible is found on Bahia, she was dragged out of her house, several people beat her, hitting her wherever they could, she was unable to protect herself from the blows and started to bleed. One person held her left arm, another, the right. She squeezed the Bible tight under one arm and protected it as long as she could. Finally, someone yanked it from her, and her Bible was burnt.

All of these scenarios are but a few of the real situations faced by people in different places around the world where the Bible is a target. And yet, people are desperate for Bibles. The Bible is one of the primary ways God reaches people in places where it is hard to follow Jesus; His Word is a light and the bread that sustains their faith.

We can’t keep quiet about this… we must act fast. Join us to sponsor the translation, production and distribution of the Rhapsody Bible in these affected regions globally

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