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Rely On God’s Word For Everything

Faith is the spiritual principle by which we live in the Kingdom of God. It’s a law that nullifies or excludes boasting. In other words, when it comes to the things of God, you can’t pride yourself in your human qualifications.

You must exercise absolute trust and confidence in God’s Word. That’s faith! It is believing and accepting that whatever God says is, is! It’s accepting that you’re whatever He says you are and you have whatever He says is yours, and acting like it’s true!

It is the principle by which we live in the New Testament. The Lord Jesus gave us an open invitation to ask for anything, using His Name. He also gave us an assurance that we would receive what we asked for.

Sadly, some folks are yet to take advantage of this. I don’t like to “take God for granted” they would say; or “What if I’m being greedy?” “What if God is not willing to give me what I’m asking for?” The Lord doesn’t want you sad, bitter or frustrated in life.

He wants your joy to be full. That’s why He gave you an open invitation to ask Him anything in faith, and expect to receive answers. Matthew 7:8 says “For every one that asks receives….” Asking will be incomplete until you have received it.

So if there’s anything you desire right now, put your faith to work! Go ahead and ask the Father in the Name of Jesus, and receive the answer by faith.

We must learn not to ask God the question “How? Don’t ask Him how the miracle you’re expecting will happen. Leave the “how” to Him.

Stop trying to figure out how your faith will work and produce the money you need. Don’t ask God how the miracle baby you’re expecting will come! Don’t ask Him how you will pass that exam! Don’t ask Him how the healing will take place.

Your responsibility is to keep walking by God’s Word; do whatever He tells you. The “how” is up to Him. The challenge you’re facing may be quite big, but know that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all you can ever ask, think or imagine.

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