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Being born again is the life of faith. If you’re not living this life, it means you’re not living the Christian life.

The Bible in Hebrews 11:6 lets us know that nobody can please God without faith. There’s no other way to receive from God but by faith. No matter how nice or kind you are, faith is the response of the human spirit to God’s Word. If you don’t have faith you can’t please Him because He is a faith-God.

Don’t let anybody or anything destroy your faith. Satan’s strategy is to get your faith out of you and get you out of your faith. Without faith you can’t excel as a Christian, because God can only relate with you on the basis of faith in His Word.

When you have faith, you’ll acknowledge that the Word is the only truth to live by. When you pray; believe that you have received and then you shall have whatever it is you asked for. That means, when you pray God answers, but you’re the one to do the receiving.

How? It is by faith! There’s an attitude for the child of God and that’s the attitude that determines whether you receive answers to your prayer or not; and it’s the attitude of faith! Here you are; you’ve prayed and asked God for a particular thing; if you truly believe the words of Jesus, you ought to rejoice and declare immediately “Wow, thank you Jesus! Glory to God; I’ve got what I’ve asked for!”

Even though you’re yet to see it with your physical eyes, you begin to act like you’ve already received what you asked for, right from the moment you prayed. Yes! That’s how to receive it. That’s the principle of receiving.

Christianity is a life of faith. Just as the natural man can’t survive without breathing, there can be no Christian life without faith. Faith is the lifestyle of the believer.

Everything we do as Christians must be by faith to be acceptable by God. Romans 14:23 says, “…whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” The Weymouth New Testament translation puts it this way: “…all conduct not based on faith is sinful.” The importance of faith in our day to day living cannot be overemphasized.

Sometimes people get so conscious of growing and demonstrating their faith only in the area of doing mighty works, without realizing that there’s also the faith to live by! So click here

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